Management Team

Mark White

President and Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors

David Owens, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer, Board of Directors

Michael Nketiah 

Sr VP - Quality, Regulatory, Clinical

John Patrick Claude

Director of Engineering, Research and Development

Board of Directors

Leslie Bernhard

Chairman of the Board, Nominating and Corporate Governance Chairman, Compensation Committee Chairman, Audit Committee

Alan Kazden

Board of Directors, Audit Committee Chairman, Nominating & Corporate Governance Chairman, Compensation Committee Chairman

Ben Hu, M.D.

Board of Directors, Audit Committee, Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee, Compensation Committee

Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board advises our management team in planning, development, and execution of scientific, clinical and research and development initiatives and strategies. Our Scientific Advisory Board consists of experts across a range of key disciplines relevant to our initiatives.

Strategic Advisory Board

Our Strategic Advisory Board serve at the request of the Board of Directors to advise and make recommendations with respect to the strategic direction of the company and similar matters.