Nancy White, Ph.D.

Dr. Nancy White is the Clinical Director of Unique Mind Care in Houston, Texas. She is recognized as an industry leader in the development of a brain-based approach to support neurobehavioral wellness. Dr. White has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of functional brain disorders for more than twenty years. She is a Fellow, past President and Board member of the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR), a Certified EEG Fellow of the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCN) and a QEEG Diplomate and member of the Quantitative EEG Certification Board. Dr. White is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in the State of Texas as well as an Advanced Addictions Counselor.

Dr. White is a pioneer in the practical application of neuroscientific research to clinical practice, including the extension of advanced brain-based therapies to all psychiatric mood disorders including Post-Traumatic Stress, Autism and Addictions.

Dr. White has dedicated seven years to the development of the clinical application of the Nexalin therapy. Her research and clinical data on the use of Nexalin therapy has been presented at international conferences.