Nexalin Technology Announces Publication of Groundbreaking Deep-Brain Stimulation Study in Leading Peer-Reviewed Journal; Validates the Ability of Nexalin’s Neurostimulation Device to Penetrate Deep Brain Structures

Study reveals that Nexalin’s non-invasive, deep frequency stimulation medical device can directly stimulate the deep intracranial nuclei, an area of the brain frequently associated with trauma and mental health disease

HOUSTON, TX, Oct. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nexalin Technology, Inc. (the “Company” or “Nexalin”) (Nasdaq: NXL; NXLIW) today announced the publication of a research article titled, “Evidence of a large current of transcranial alternating current stimulation directly to deep brain regions,” in Nature’s Molecular Psychiatry, a leading peer-reviewed journal. The study publication is available online and can be accessed at:

The study revealed for the first time, that Nexalin’s non-invasive, deep frequency stimulation medical device can directly stimulate the deep intracranial nuclei, areas of the brain frequently associated with trauma and mental health disease. The study also demonstrated that Nexalin’s non-invasive Deep Intracranial Frequency Stimulation (DIFS™) has the potential to treat neuropsychiatric disorders associated with the hippocampus, insula, amygdala, and other deep nuclei. This achievement not only moves non-invasive neural stimulation technology from qualitative treatment to quantitative treatment, but also lays a new theoretical foundation for future neural stimulation protocols for the treatment of brain diseases.

Mark White, CEO of Nexalin Technology, stated, “It is an honor to see this deep-brain study published in a leading peer-reviewed journal, which reinforces the growing body of clinical evidence supporting the potential of our non-invasive, frequency-based, deep-brain stimulation devices in helping address the global mental health epidemic. The future of neuro-stimulation relies on depth of penetration in a safe and effective manner. Historically, all neurostimulators have limited penetration because of safety and side effects which limits efficacy. We believe Nexalin’s new advanced proprietary waveform can eliminate issues with risk and safety while increasing efficacy. The research results have significant scientific value, ushering in a new era of non-invasive neural stimulation, which we believe demonstrates Nexalin is becoming a world leader in this field.”

David Owens, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Nexalin Technology, further noted, “To our knowledge, this is the first study, ever, to demonstrate the effective penetration of electrical currents through the skull to deeper regions of the brain. Our study provides direct evidence that specific deep-frequency stimulation procedures are capable of delivering electrical currents to deep brain tissues, opening a pathway for modulating and treating neuropsychiatric disorders associated with the hippocampus, insula, and amygdala. To date, studies of competing technologies have only demonstrated penetration of less than 1 inch, at a maximum tolerated current of 1-2 milliamp (mA). In contrast, we achieved deep penetration at up to 15 mA, without pain or other side effects. In our opinion, the findings of this trial represent a major validation of our prior research demonstrating clinical efficacy. This research also highlights the broad potential of our neurostimulation devices to treat neuropsychiatric disorders associated with deep brain structures, such as depression, anxiety and insomnia. We look forward to bringing new, effective, safe, non-invasive, and affordable therapies to patients worldwide affected with mental and neurological diseases.”

About Nexalin Technology, Inc.

Nexalin designs and develops innovative neurostimulation products to uniquely and effectively help combat the ongoing global mental health epidemic. All Nexalin’s products are non-invasive and undetectable to the human body and provide relief to those afflicted with mental health issues without adverse side effects. Nexalin utilizes bioelectronic medical technology to treat mental health issues without the need for drugs or psychotherapy. Nexalin believes the 15 milliamp medical device can penetrate structures deep in the mid-brain that are associated with mental health disorders. Nexalin believes the deeper penetrating waveform will generate enhanced patient response without any adverse side effects. The Nexalin tACS device was recently approved in China by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) for the treatment of insomnia and depression. In May 2023, Nexalin formalized a joint venture with Wider Come Limited, a company formed under the laws of the People’s Republic of China. The joint venture has been established to engage in the clinical development, marketing, sale and distribution of the Nexalin device in the Asia Pacific region. This new entity will conduct clinical research and implement a business distribution plan for the Nexalin device in the Asia Pacific region. Additional information about the Company is available at:


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