What is Insomnia?

This sleep disorder can exist on its own or as a secondary disorder with anxiety. If this is the case, treating just the symptoms of insomnia while neglecting the root causes simply results in short-term relief.
Insomnia on its own, also known as primary insomnia, is an independent disorder possibly resulting from long-term stress or particular lifestyle choices. Nexalin attempts to treat the underlying cause of insomnia in order to support mood behavior and brain performance.


Pharmaceutical medication for insomnia, while helpful in short-term situations, can result in unwanted side effects. Nexalin Technology provides a natural approach that can be long-lasting for patients who use it. Nexalin treatment seems to positively affect structures in the brain associated with disruptive sleep patterns.

Don’t let insomnia take away from your quality of life. Sleep has been proven to be a very important part of your general health and wellness. Disruptive sleep patterns as well as a lack of sleep can contribute to issues related to your mental health.

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