For seven years, I had been taking anti-depressants to cope with my depression. During the last four years, I’d tried to get off these drugs on several different occasions and was unsuccessful each time. Under the direction of my doctor, I attempted to slowly wean myself off of Paroxetime (Paxil) by cutting the dosage in half over a series of weeks. Over a month later, I was close to being completely off my anti-depressants but it wasn’t without consequences. During this time, my co-workers, friends and family all noticed that I had become incredibly irritable and agitated. I was constantly yelling at my children and I was in such a terrible emotional state that I just couldn’t cope with life at all. One night in late April I was so distraught that if I had a gun, I would’ve put it to my head to end the misery. The following day, my friends determined that I was not taking my pills and they insisted I resume taking them. Within a matter of days, I felt “normal” again.

Several months later, I became adamant once more about weaning myself off of anti-depressants. Not only was I frustrated to be relying on drugs for 7 years, but a doctor’s visit revealed that weight gain is a common side effect of Paxil and shedding the pounds is particularly difficult. In the 3 years I had been on Paxil, I put on 30 pounds and even though I maintain an excellent diet and work-out on a regular basis, I was unable to drop the weight. Fortunately, I was afforded the opportunity to try Nexalin Advanced Therapy. Once again, as recommended by my doctor, I slowly weaned myself off of Paxil. Two weeks later, I started my Nexalin treatments. Before the 3 week treatment was completed, I was completely off of Paxil. Now, it has been about 7 weeks since I stopped taking antidepressants and concluded my Nexalin Therapy sessions.

At first I was a little apprehensive on treating my anxiety and depression with something other than prescription drugs. But after fully understanding how Nexalin Therapy works, I decided to proceed with the treatment. From the very beginning, I found the Nexalin staff to be thorough, friendly, and comforting. They explained to me that 3 electrodes would be placed strategically on my head; one on my forehead, and one behind each of my ears and I was to relax in a zero gravity chair for 40 minutes. I was told to just relax, clear my head, and try to sleep during the treatment. I actually found the treatments quite relaxing. When each treatment was completed, I felt refreshed and energized.

It is difficult for me to explain how this feels, especially to someone who has never experienced anxiety or depression, but I feel absolutely amazing. I feel as if I’m thinking with such clarity as I have not experienced in over a decade. I do not have feelings of anxiety or depression. When I was on Paxil, I had some compulsive, obsessive, neurotic behavior which has been completely eliminated since Nexalin Therapy.

I finally feel that I actually have control of my life, thoughts, and actions. And because I have control of my thoughts and actions once again, I am making better decisions which have enhanced my life tremendously. Strangely enough, I have taken to sitting outside on my back patio because things look brighter and clearer and I can now enjoy the beauty of our world once again.

If I hadn’t experienced the truly devastating results of my past attempts to wean myself off of Paxil prior to receiving Nexalin Therapy, I probably could not have fully understood and appreciated what a miraculous treatment this really is. I am absolutely astonished at the difference it has made in my life.


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