Now that I am approaching middle age and in the sales profession, stress leading to depression was definitely part of my life. The idea of taking anti-depressants for me never an option. The horror stories I had heard was enough to keep me away, after all I had enough problems. I figured I would just have to deal with it.

Dealing with it meant trying to fight energy loss, sleeping to excess, lack of interest in hobbies and an anxiety that affected all areas of my life.

When I heard about Nexalin and read what it did I thought “WOW” that would be amazing because just living with it didn’t seem to be much of an option either. Unfortunately, I never pursued it due to the very same reasons I need the therapy.

Finally I took action when the ideal of going to the mailbox was causing major anxiety. I was afraid of the bad news it might bring and how I handled it. I was putting it off until tomorrow.

Enough was enough, so I pursued Nexalin and prayed it would help. After the first session I noticed a new sense of focus and awareness leading me to a five mile walk that night. I don’t think I have don’t that since college. After the full therapy I was excited to hear from co-workers that my sales presentations were smoother. A couple of friends insisted I looked younger and wondered what I was doing. My problems didn’t go away but how I dealt with them became very proactive. I even came to realize most of my mail was junk anyway and had to laugh at myself wondering what the heck I was so afraid of in the first place. My girlfriend noticed I am not as moody anymore which made her very happy. I also, noticed one day at work, out of the blue, I no longer have dips and stiffness; I actually had a bounce back in my step.

It seemed like a lot of little things went away in a very natural way. I am very excited now about my life and I am actually feeling like my old self again.

-Kelly, CA

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