In 2008 I was involved in a car accident. I suffered from soft tissue injuries, mild brain injury, whiplash, and bulging discs throughout my spine. I choose to go a more natural route in my recovery. However after a year of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and counseling, I was still suffering the effects of the car accident. Shortly after my accident I was diagnosed with PTSD. I used to be able to travel long distances in my car and enjoy it. I used to not have severe anxiety and depression. After my accident everything was a chore and I became very depressed. I also had several panic attacks the last several years which ended up as hospital stays. I suffered cognitive, memory, focus, and executive functioning issues from my head injury. I would go to therapy three times a week and get lost almost every time I went. Nothing would look familiar to me.

I found technology that was able to help me to a great extent. However, I was not near where I wanted to be in my recovery. This is post five years and I am one of the lucky ones. If I had not used the interventions I used I would be looking at early Alzheimer’s and my brain and body deteriorating rapidly. I am 48 and still have some life left in me. I was fortunate enough to come across Nexalin years ago and was reconnected with the company last year (2013). I decided to go through the series of treatments. I also had started a clinic with the other technology I had been using. I am always looking for the best technologies and therapies available for the clinic. Nexalin was on my radar. What I did not know is how close it was to me. When I found out it was, I went to Dr. Hu’s center and had the most incredible friendly experience with Amy (his wife), his staff and Dr. Hu. I completed my ten sessions.

During my sessions I found my focus would greatly improve after each treatment. I also would experience an increase in energy, better sleep and less anxiety. My depression seemed to just go away. I also had a significant change in my pain levels. In fact they were reduced quite dramatically. I honestly did not think I could get any better than I was. I had learned to live with the level I had attained. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!! I also experienced and continue to experience better bowel movements. I recover quicker from stressful situations and I do not have the cravings for sugar like I used to. This is good because after my accident my thyroid stopped working.

I look forward to more treatments with Nexalin if the need arises. I believe I have not hit my ceiling due to all the issues I have had. However, I have felt post treatments that I continue to reap the benefits of my Nexalin Treatments as I continue to experience positive changes. I am excited to know such an incredible treatment is available with such amazing positive side effects.

Thank you everyone from Nexalin and everyone at Dr. Hu’s office. I have been truly
blessed to have found you all.

Kathleen Merholz, Willoughby, Ohio

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