I was invited to attend a Nexalin investment meeting in 2004. I had a four-vertebrae fusion in my neck only a couple of months before, and was still smarting from the effects of the surgery and the acute arthritis in my cervical spine.

At the meeting, I was asked if I would like to have a treatment; I accepted. I had been sleeping very poorly for a long time, and half way through the treatment I fell asleep. After the treatment I went out into the kitchen of the home we were in and sat down at the table with several of the other people attending, most of which I knew.

Within minutes people were staring at me, to the point where I finally asked, “what are you guys looking at?” They all replied, “we’re looking at you, you don’t have any pain on your face!” I stopped and did a self-assessment, and they were right! For the first time in over 30 years I felt pain free! Just the one treatment kept me pain free for over seven months, and the numbness in my fingers went way for almost a year. I can’t wait until they have a Tucson Clinic!

Bob H.
Tucson, AZ

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