Going back to at least 1998, I could not sleep… chronic insomnia. My arthritis pain was so bad it took me 2 minutes to get into bed and 5 minutes climbing out. My back was curved like the letter “S”. I had a huge bone spur on my neck. One leg was taller than the other and the range of motion in my neck was about 15 degrees. In 2001 I was living with a pain of 8 on a scale of 10… twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week.

On August 29, 2001, I was invited to go Scottsdale, Arizona to visit the inventor of Nexalin. While there, I had a treatment on Nexalin. Many of my friends have heard me tell this story many times, 13 days later; I was sitting at my desk in the office and found my head moving a full 90 degrees each direction… I was shocked!

On December 12, 2001 I found I had no pain, full movement in my neck and was totally rested because I had slept…and slept very well. Which is very good news for a hyper workaholic Italian. That day, I gave my two weeks’ notice with the company I was with, and have spent every day since then working to see that others get the same benefit I received. I have been successful. I want others to experience the miracle I experienced. Many of my friends continue to read my emails that have been going out for over 10 years. Many have their own miracles. I believe I have 300 friends that have either experienced it themselves or witnessed it benefit someone they love (which is even better). Let me tell you why I use the work “miracle” in my case…

I spent my life caring my kids on my shoulder… with my daughter Kimmy, it was both her and her doll Madam Alexandra. My son, Bobby and I have about 50 miles at the San Diego and Santa Barbara zoos with him atop getting the best views there were. My twin boys spent similar hours doing the same thing (with two up there… their mileage was less). Horsey-back riding was a mainstay in the living room.

However, because of lack of sleep and the pain … all that ended. The grandkids did not experience Horsey-back rides like they should have. I was not a happy camper.

That all ended with the Christmas of 2002. That year after my Nexalin session my grandchildren and I relived horsey-back riding in Yucca Valley, California. And every year since… 68 years and 9 months old, still a workaholic and still carrying grandchildren on my back and still doing horsey-back.

Thank you Nexalin!

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