Nexalin Technology Featured on The Huffington Post

Nexalin Technology is currently being featured in an article on The Huffington Post regarding “The Future of Brain-Based Medicine”. The article discusses the growth of mental illness in the United States and the costs that are associated with mental healthcare.  Furthermore, the article looks at the current treatment protocols and how they are only aimed to address the symptoms of disorders, never the direct cause.Read on to learn more about how Nexalin is bringing science and technology into the forefront of Brain-Based Health.

Excerpt from the article:

Investment Banker Randall Letcavage and a group of investors acquired the technology and patents, restructured the company, and brought in significant financing for research and development. Letcavage took a hiatus from a thriving investment banking business to become the Chairman and CEO of Nexalin. The goal is to create a scientific model that supported and validated the hundreds of passionate testimonials from Nexalin’s patients and bring a solution to the medical community. Letcavage puts it simply “we want people to get better.”

“We believe we have cracked the code, and found the right combination of frequency and waveform that allows Nexalin to reset traumatized networks in the brain,” says Letcavage.

To view the article, please follow the link below.

Nexalin Technology Huffington Post Article

To view the press release, please follow the link below.
Nexalin Press Release Regarding Huffington Post

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