Nexalin Gains International Traction

Nexalin presented on the showroom floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange at Wedbush Morgan’s 3rd Annual Global Life Sciences Conference in Warsaw, Poland on June 11, 2015.

On stage Mr. Letcavage and Mr. White detailed the innovation of Nexalin and the massive potential in the mental health field in Europe. Furthermore, Nexalin addressed the plan to contract partners in Poland to help expand research and development. Nexalin CEO, Randall Letcavage stated, “We believe we have cracked the code and found the right combination of frequency and waveform that allows Nexalin to ‘reset the brain.’  In layman’s terms, sometime during your lifetime chemical imbalances may become present in the brain that can be caused by hundreds of factors (pesticides, trauma, drugs and alcohol to name a few).  We believe and data supports that Nexalin can reset the brain to the proper chemical balance in certain areas and situations. We are seeing people improve in much shorter periods of time as compared to many other treatment protocols.”

To view the press release please follow this link.

Wedbush preview

To view Nexalin’s presentation at Wedbush Morgan’s 3rd Annual Global Life Sciences Conference, please follow this link.

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