“New” Brain Stimulation Technology

The International Society for Neurofeedback and Research Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA, 2012

Below please find an announcement for Nexalin Technology and the presentation of their Transcranial Electric Stimulation (TES) at the 20th edition of the ISNR Conference, the premier professional organization gathering in the Neurofeedback and Neurophysiology arena. Those of you who are familiar with the neurophysiology of negative, “defensive” emotional states (especially fear and rage) realize that the mid-brain, especially the hypothalamus and the periaqueductal gray, lies at the very core or inception point to chronic PTSD, addictions, insomnia, and depression. Those interested should read Dr. Jaak Panksepp’s seminal book “Affective Neuroscience”, especially pages 77-79, 187-205, and 311-314. There is reason to believe, based upon a line of Russian neurochemistry research dating back to the 1980s, not to mention a line of basic research traceable back to the work of Hess in the 1930s, that the right type of electric stimulation can have a potential therapeutic effect that “resets” the negative, traumatic stress-induced “programming” of the mid-brain. More recently, controlled studies have been conducted, primarily upon treatment refractory depression, with more research being conducted or planned. Nexalin is a class-three medical device FDA cleared and indicated for the treatment of anxiety and insomnia.

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