Navy Seals Elite Units Pursue Brain-Stimulating Technologies

During a conference near Washington D.C., in February, Seal units showed their interest in finding a technology that would increase cognitive abilities to enhance the elite forces’ physical and mental performance. While interviewing Tim Szymanski, he noted that they were open to a variety of technologies, but not limited to pharmaceutical aids . Szymanski then broadened his commentary later on in an interview, saying that the direct application of electrical stimulation to the brain has particularly caught his eye.

Trans-cranial electrical stimulation has been used in the past by then- Defense Secretary Ash Carter in his Defense Innovation Unit. Through Mr. Carter’s efforts in promoting the neuro-stimulation technology, multiple SEAL units have been actively testing the effectiveness of TES. “In experiments, people who were watching these screens … their ability to concentrate would fall off in about 20 minutes,” Szymanski said. “But they did studies whereby a little bit of electrical stimulation was applied, and they were able to maintain the same peak performance for 20 hours.” Captain Jacon Salata,a spokesman for the command talked about, the promising signs seen in early results and how these successful studies have encouraged them to move forward with the Studies.




Navy Seals Elite Units Pursue Brain-Stimulating Technologies



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