Mark White,
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mark leads the executive team at Nexalin Technology. Prior to joining Nexalin, Mark owned and operated his own successful clinics and addiction centers. Mark is a respected pioneer in the digital medical market, specializing in the development and clinical implementation of neuro-stimulation technologies. Recognizing the opportunity and the work ahead, Mark has helped to assemble a diverse and talented team focused on R and D, manufacturing and future treatment applications of Nexalin Technology as well as all-important global marketing and sales.


John Patrick Claude, Director,
Engineering and Development (Co-founder)

John, in conjunction with Dr. Yakov Katsnelson, designed and developed the original tACS waveform that is marketed as Nexalin Technology. John now leads all engineering, research and development at Nexalin Technology. Of equal importance, John has an extensive background in regulatory, compliance and quality management. John graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BS in Physiology before receiving his ME in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Virginia. John has designed and built advanced technologies and instrumentation for NASA, NIH, Stanford Medical Center and the Palo Alto VA.

David Owens M.D,
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Owens has been associated with Nexalin Technology for seven years and was named Chief Medical Officer in December 2017. He brings extensive experience in neuro-technologies and treatment methodologies gained over more than his 3 decades in neuroradiology and neuroimaging. Dr Owens oversees all clinical trial designs and manages oversight of all existing and future Nexalin providers.


Joel Bradus,
Director of Sales and Marketing

A seasoned healthcare executive, Joel has responsibility for existing sales processes at Nexalin. He has a demonstrated record of success in all commercial functions including sales, marketing, production, finance, and research and development. Under his leadership in previous positions, sales growth has increased an average of 600% accompanied with annual margin escalation. He is a respected lecturer on consumer trend-driven strategy development and is especially versed in the application of innovative strategies that create product distinction in the marketplace.


We are creating a nursing and customer service call center to support participating centers. This service will demonstrate superior client support while also ensuring continued adherence to the Nexalin branding guidelines.