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Nexalin is a FDA-cleared, drug-free treatment for patients suffering from anxiety or insomnia. Nexalin provides a safe and effective solution to support the brain’s ability to regulate its neurochemicals. This non-invasive treatment can provide relief without the side effects of medications. Nexalin Technology can be used in conjunction with prescribed pharmaceutical medication.

There are numerous anecdotal reports that Nexalin therapy has also been effective in hard-to-treat patient populations across a much wider range of brain disorders. It has been suggested that Nexalin may stimulate and help restart the hypothalamus, so that the brain, in effect, heals itself. We believe we are now entering a new era of “brain health”.

Based on its attributes and positive clinical reports, we expect Nexalin to become the market leader among Transcranial Electrical Stimulation (TES) devices. It remains the only TES device offering alternating current for greater comfort and greater range. However, we need to provide evidence based support to these anecdotal reports through clinical studies.

Why Nexalin?

The Natural Alternative: Patients can now be offered a drug-free choice for relief to anxiety and insomnia. Nexalin gives patients an option to avoid the side-effects often associated with medications.

Non-invasive Outpatient Procedure: Treatment can be performed in a clinical setting. Patients incur no period of restricted activities. The procedure is performed without the use of anesthesia or sedation.

Easy to Administer: Simply seat the patient in a comfortable chair and place a medical grade conductive electrode pad on the forehead and behind each ear. This simple setup makes Nexalin a completely passive modality which allows you to simultaneously treat other clients.

FDA-Cleared: Nexalin is a safe, non-invasive and clinically proven treatment for anxiety and insomnia.

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