Mark White

President and Chief Executive Officer

In 1992, Mr. White began building a portfolio of service companies in Houston, Texas. Mark’s ability to design, develop, and implement stable and efficient business models positioned his companies as industry leaders.

In 2008, Mr. White began focusing his business interests on the evolving healthcare industry. He immediately aligned his business interests with Nexalin Technology Inc.

Mr. White now leads the outstanding growth and development that Nexalin Technology has experienced over the last 7+ years. He is involved and instrumental in every aspect of the company including the development and understanding of Nexalin’s future in Opiate addiction treatment community. From owning and operating his own clinics and addiction centers, where he has seen first-hand the positive results the technology achieves, he has provided significant contributions to the corporate marketing strategy, manufacturing and FDA compliance, as well as coordinating international clinic trials.

Mr. White is an experienced and well-respected trainer and presenter internationally on the subject of “Brain Based Health” and “Brain Based Recovery”. He is a thought leader in the application of brain stimulation and its ability to address mental health and addiction issues in the United States. Mr. White has also appeared on several prominent news and media shows speaking on Nexalin Technology and electrical brain stimulation as a form of drug free treatment for various psychiatric disorders and addiction treatment.

Mr. White has spent the last seven years immersed in the Nexalin Technology and the patient and practitioner community. In 2010, Mr. White’s distribution company, iiCOM Strategic, became the first national distribution provider for Nexalin Technology Inc. His development of clinical models utilizing the Nexalin Technology has positioned him as an industry leader in all aspects of Nexalin and its clinical applications across the United States and more recently, China. In January of 2012, Mr. White joined the Nexalin Technology corporate team to oversee operations and the development of a successful business model. In December of 2017 was named President and CEO.

Mr. White has a background as a successful entrepreneur and executive for over 20 years; specializing in the financial performance of service-based technology companies. He has decades of success building teams and implementing effective processes, with an emphasis on organizational development, financial stability and the quality and efficiency of services.

David Owens, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr David Owens has been associated with Nexalin technology for seven years. In December of 2017, Dr Owens was named as Chief Medical Officer. In addition to his role at Nexalin Technology, Dr. Owens is the Medical Director of Radiology Consultation Services, PC. He has been involved in numerous medical and software ventures over the past decade. He has previously served with Empiric Systems, LLC, a software company specializing in radiology information systems and PACS viewing systems. The company was sold to Fuji Medical Systems in 2008.

Dr. Owens graduated from Furman University with a double major in chemistry and physics and took an MD from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. Following a residency and fellowship at Emory University Hospital in Neuroradiology and Interventional Neuroradiology, Dr. Owens went into private practice. He has specialized in brain and spine imaging for the past twenty years, with expertise in traumatic brain injury, sports-related brain trauma, and neurocognitive disorders. He has extensive experience in advanced imaging modalities for brain dysfunction, including DTI and functional imaging.

Dr. Owens has been involved with transcranial stimulation for the past seven years and has performed research including chronic pain management as well as normal treatments for diabetic neuropathy.

Joel Bradus

Sales and Marketing

Mr. Bradus, a seasoned healthcare executive, began his career with Schering-Plough (now Merck) in the 1970’s. He has a demonstrated record of success in all commercial functions including sales, marketing, production, finance, and research and development.

While he has been successful in both large and small companies, Mr. Bradus is passionate about building businesses from start-up to brand leadership.  Under his leadership in previous positions, sales growth has increased an average of 600% accompanied with annual margin escalation.

Mr. Bradus is a performance driven senior executive with an extensive record of success in achieving results.  He has a unique dual focus on profits and people.  Mr. Bradus lectures in the corporate arena on strategy development based on consumer trends. He has a particular strength in the application of innovative strategies that create product distinction in the marketplace.

Mr. Bradus plays a key role in the design and implementation of the clinical trial models that will launch Nexalin into the mainstream medical market. His personal opinion is that Nexalin will become a global leader in the drug-free treatment community.

Mr. Bradus is know by customers, superiors, peers and subordinates for conducting business with the highest level of integrity. The Nexalin clinical trial methodology is a reflection of his integrity.

He has degrees in economics, finance, and accounting.

John Patrick Claude

Engineering, Research and Development

John graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BS in Physiology and Biochemistry. John received an M.E. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Virginia (UVA). At UVA John began designing and building prototype instrumentation and writing proprietary software programs associated with these prototypes.

This skill set led to a position as an Implant Applications engineer with an NIH resource called the Stanford Center Integrated Electronics in Medicine. Here John designed and built advanced diagnostic RF and ultrasound instrumentation for NASA, NIH, Stanford Medical Center and the Palo Alto VA. John has been a design engineer and project manager for hardware and software systems for several medical technology design firms and various startups.

As various projects were spun off and acquired, John began his own medical design firm, Med-Cell. Med-Cell in conjunction with Dr. Yakov Katsnelson, designed and developed the original tACS waveform that is marketed as Nexalin Technology.

John now leads all engineering, research, and development at Nexalin Technology. Additionally, John has an extensive background in regulatory, compliance and quality management. John’s interest in working in a startup environment with a team of motivated professionals designing unique products and software support systems.

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