Month: July 2019

6 Signs You May Have a Sleep Disorder

If you typically have trouble falling or staying asleep, you might often ask yourself: Could I have a sleep disorder? It’s estimated that up to 70 million—or one in five—Americans suffer from a chronic sleep disorder, and there are 90 different types. (Crazy, right?). So, it’s certainly a possibility. But just because you’re having trouble snoozing doesn’t mean there’s definitely…

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9 Signs You Have A Sleep Disorder, Based On Your Bedtime Habits

If you often feel tired or sluggish during the day, or often wake up feeling unrefreshed, it might mean you have some type of sleep disorder. But what you do and how you feel at night, can provide a few clues, too. “Sleep disorders occur when you have trouble with sleep quality, timing, and/or duration,” Chris…

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