Month: April 2017

Electrical brain stimulation found to improve working memory

Originally found on Our brains are complex machines capable of processing an impressive amount of information. For the brain to work properly, however, it must connect all of its many components into one coordinated effort. Scientifically, the brain has been divided into four main regions, each with its own subsections and specialized functions. Some of…

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Can Electric Brain Stimulation Boost Your Endurance?

Originally found on One of the oddest topics I’ve covered over the past few years is the use of electric brain stimulation to enhance endurance. Back in 2013, I wrote about a Brazilian study that used a technique called transcranial direct-current stimulation, or tDCS, to reduce the perceived effort and boost peak power output in a…

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Navy Seals Elite Units Pursue Brain-Stimulating Technologies

During a conference near Washington D.C., in February, Seal units showed their interest in finding a technology that would increase cognitive abilities to enhance the elite forces’ physical and mental performance. While interviewing Tim Szymanski, he noted that they were open to a variety of technologies, but not limited to pharmaceutical aids . Szymanski then broadened…

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